HVAC automation and BMS design

Modern heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are virtually all being installed with automated control systems. Moreover, many modern buildings today have a so-called building management system (BMS) which integrates, controls and monitors such engineering systems as lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, power systems, as well as fire extinguishing and security systems. For a real estate owner there are two main reasons for having automated systems – reduction of long term running costs and creation of indoor and maintenance comfort. In other words, automation is a necessary and very useful part of engineering systems.

As a result of installed automation, all engineering systems in the building operate integrally and much more efficiently. In addition, automated HVAC systems are able to regulate the established air parameters precisely, reduce the energy consumption and prevent possible fatal errors by informing the servicing staff. All this results in a remarkable energy management – all main energy producers and consumers in the building are coordinated in such a manner that no single kWh of energy is being wasted.

ENSO is a rather exceptional company in HVAC field simply by having its own automation department. Experienced and highly educated automation specialists are hard to find in the market, especially within the HVAC company. Automation specialists are a great source of development for HVAC engineers, since they are the ones who start up and adjust the systems. Moreover, they monitor and measure the processes in real time and easily notice possible imperfections. Consequently, automation engineers give remarks to HVAC engineers, therefore constant process of increasing “know-how” is guaranteed.

ENSO covers full range of services in automation:
- Starting from a blank sheet, engineers create concept and algorithms how HVAC and other engineering systems have to be controlled;
- Designing and drawing the schemes and sketches for controlling automation and BMS;
- Programming and integration of components from various suppliers like SAUTER, Honeywell, REGIN, ABB, Schneider Electric, SAIA Burgess Controls, RESOL;
- Assembly of controlling automation cabinets and automation equipment supply;
- BMS programming;
- Installation, starting up and servicing of automated systems.