HVAC and Sanitary system installation

ENSO as an engineering company believes that years of experience in designing cannot be fully realized on site without professional installing team. For this reason, in each field of expertise ENSO has corresponding project managers that lead the installing teams. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and automation project managers are ready to implement the creative ideas of ENSO engineers into life. Due to existence and coordination of design and installation departments, good end result for the customer is ensured.

Usually some elements of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and automation systems are preassembled on ENSO’s manufacturing site. This strategy allows minimizing the installation time on site as well as to minimize the necessary resources. Installations with prefabricated elements have been implemented in buildings as large as 120 000 m2.

ENSO is competent and experienced in managing installations on sites of various purposes, sizes and designs, what can be in more details seen within the completed references.