HVAC and Sanitary system design

Engineers at ENSO design utmost modern and efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, that include automated monitoring and management options, custom build considering the individual requirements and circumstances for each case. Indoor comfort, lowest energy consumption possible and financial feasibility are three components that engineers take into account in the first place.

Experience in HVAC field is extremely deep and dates back to 1993. Skilled professionals are unrestricted within the building types. Let it be a small one-family detached house or a vast 120 000m2 shopping centre the outcome is constant at all times – the most rational HVAC system design. What is more, HVAC design works are being implemented in both new and old buildings, what means that engineers are able to start the project from a blank sheet as well as review and modernize the existing HVAC systems. The most modern designing software leaves no place for mistakes, while at the same time flexibility in solution variety is a strong quality at ENSO.

Design department constantly evolves and seeks for newer and more efficient technologies; therefore client receives the best solution at the given moment.