Architecture and interior design

In the past and even today the role of architecture in the sphere of energy saving has been seriously understated. Quite frequently, real estate market players associate energy saving measures mainly with engineering systems, but rarely with architecture. As a matter of fact, energy efficient architecture is the number one energy saving measure. Engineers and architects at ENSO group at the first place suggest designing the architecture and shell of the building in the most energy efficient manner and only then to start thinking about efficiency within the engineering systems of the building. Naturally, the best result is achieved by combining both of the before mentioned components.

Architects at ENSO are one of the very first pioneers in Passive House designing. Specialists at ENSO have been officially certified by the Passive House Institute (PHI) in Darmstadt, Germany, to become certified Passive House designers. Architects at ENSO are able to design the buildings that consume no more than 15kWh/m2 of energy for heating annually, while at the same time have the most impressive modern European architecture. To put it into perspective – majority of the buildings today consume from 150 to 250 kWh/m2. What’s even worse, some of them cannot even boast of the attractive architecture.

By combining great architecture and energy saving “know-how”, ENSO offers great opportunities for the real estate investors and owners. Buildings designed by ENSO will be certified at PHI in Darmstadt as Passive Houses (PH). This as a consequence translates into incomparably lower running costs, much higher liquidity and market values as well as into higher indoor comfort. In other words, return on investment is better.

ENSO services in architecture sphere include:
- Consulting;
- Design studies and pre-design idea offers;
- Technical plans;
- Working plans;
- Interior design;
- Design of energy efficient and Passive Houses (architectural and engineering solutions)
- Energy consumption evaluation with PHPP software (Passive House Design Package);
- Technical onsite supervision.