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Arvid Tydens Allie 22, Solna, Sweden


Diktaren is a residential type building with kindergarten.
Enso Projects was responsible for all the heating, ventilation, water supply and sewage systems delivery, as well as installation of them.
Heating system connects to district heating. Water supply system in visible places is made from chromed copper pipes.
Ventilation part includes such components as sound attenuators, fire dampers, kitchen hoods, etc.
Project specification – building has 7 floors with 120 apartments, 2 floor underground parking space and 700m2 of primary school.
Heating is distributed via 2 pipe system made from press steel pipes. Total number of radiators – 570pcs.
Building is designed active mechanical ventilation where AHUs has extra energy recovery via glycol batteries. Enso were responsible for hydraulic part of this system, where 2 30kW of power shunt groups were mounted and connected to these batteries.