Energy plant for multifunctional shopping and apartment buildings in Nyborg, Norway

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Delivered services:

Project finished:


Area in m2: 56 000
Heating capacity in kW: 4500
Cooling capacity in kW: 3000

One of the latest and most exceptional/interesting projects for ENSO group. This project was a perfect occasion to implement the new revolutionary integrated design, equipment and installation strategy by ENSO. Strategy includes extremely accurate design solutions that are already in the starting phase tailor made for quick equipment manufacturing and shortest possible onsite installation time. End result is astonishing thanks to the saved resources (both financial and human) and maximum rationality.


ENSO designed the energy centre that provides heating and cooling for shopping and residential buildings. ENSO also manufactured the equipment and took care of the installation on site.


Åsane Nord, is a 56000m2 shopping and residential building block with 25500 m2 of parking lots. This block of premises at hand is situated in Norway, approximately 12 km away from the city centre of Bergen in Åsane region that has ~40000 inhabitants.

Total heating load for the project is 4,5MW, which includes:

- heating of the shopping premises (2MW);

- melting of the snow (0,6MW);

- Heated floors of the residential spaces (1,24MW);

- DHW (0,65MW).


Cooling load for the commercial premises is equal to 3 MW.


The set up of the system:

Heating and cooling are provided by the ground source heat pumps. For that purpose alone 3 heat pumps have been designed. Most of the time these heat pumps will cover the total heating load, while during the periods of peak loads gas and electric boilers will fill in the gap of necessary extra load. In the summer time, geothermal energy is used for cooling. Excess heat is being utilized from the food shop and at the same time used for preparation of DHW.