Nittedal Doli

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Nittedal Doli

Vargveien 1, Hakadal, Norway


Enso Projects has renovated heating and cooling systems in Nittedal Doli. It is an elderly people house. We have prepared all the design work, all principal schemes, etc.

For cooling, we have prepared a free cooling system which will be delivered from the 18 energy boreholes. During the peaks, when there is a demand for max cooling, we have installed mechanical cooling of 150 kW power and it will be provided by the heat pump. Unused energy is utilized in the boreholes and during winter time same energy is used for heating system which allows the heat pump to work in the most efficient way. This cooling energy is delivered to the ventilation room.

We have also delivered and installed main circulation pump for the energy wells, pump for short circuit, pump in the ventilation room, circulation pump on the heating side all the pipes and so on.