Ventilation extraction heat pump system in a 16 storey residential house

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Multi-storey apartment house in Vilnius

Architektu st 77, Vilnius, Lithuania


Area in m2: 4548
Heating capacity in kW: 18
Ventilation volume in m3/h: 8064
Number of automated systems: 1

Designed and installed heat pump solution for a residential house with natural ventilation. CITYVEX heat pump system utilizes warm air energy that is being thrown away via ventilation shafts and directs it to towel driers. It also solves the problem of inconstant air flow of natural ventilation. CITYVEX ensures constant ventilation volume during winter and summer. Installed system decreased the bills for towel driers by 3 times, therefore the payback time for the system is 4 years.


Installed automation allows monitoring the operation of CITYVEX system.

Link for monitoring