Moholt 50/50

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Moholt 50/50

Moholt Student Village, 7050 Trondheim, Norway


Moholt Student Village has 5 buildings - each with 9 stories. It has total of 632 housing units and some business premises at bottom floors. There is also a kindergarten for 171 children. It was decided to build all buildings of massive wood.

“Enso Projects” were asked to figure out how to produce heat for tap water and for ventilation heat without connecting to district heating. It was decided to build a heating central with heat exchangers – outside of buildings. For that reason, we’ve prefabricated a modular heating plant. Our power plant delivers total of 240 kW of energy. It has glass windows on three sides and it also has a large display, which shows all the technical data of power plant working, so students can visually see how efficient it is.