Diktaren in Sweden is finished

Published: 2018-12

Diktaren is our largest residential project so far. Its scope not only differentiates this project in the context of 2018; it is the largest project we have done in Sweden in the history of our work in this country so far. These residential buildings in the area of Solna harmoniously combine the charms of fast-paced city and the calmness of nature. The modern buildings include 120 comfortable apartments and the spacious garage is located on two storeys of the construction.

The Diktaren project was created with young and active parents: this project even includes a cosy kindergarten! Our talented specialist were constantly present in this projects: the project manager, several labour leaders, plumbers, welders, insulation specialists and designers; even the estimators were involved in the intense work. Together we installed the water supply, water waste and heating systems, and eventually even drew the executive drawings. We are glad that Diktaren has not only become another one of our success stories but also an important challenge which encouraged our team to grow and improve.

The construction of EGO project begins

Published: 2018-07

EGO is not only environmentally friendly, but also accommodates people with special needs. This 10,000 m2 construction incorporates offices, day centres as well as 72 apartments which are tailored to the elderly who have the need for care services. To ensure their comfort, as many as 8,000 m2 of the floor are heated!

To build this modern construction, the natural material of solid wood was used, which not only gives the building an attractive aesthetic look but reduces the negative effect on the environment. We are happy that EGO meets the minimal requirements for a passive house: the heating and cooling costs are minimal. This project includes these environmentally friendly technologies: four top storeys (it is a five-storey building with a basement) of the building are constructed using solid wood; this material is selected to reduce the negative effects on the environment.

Strongest in Lithuania

Published: 2018-06

Usually companies show off their certificates for the quality of their product or service but do not put much meaning into the culture of settlement with clients, partners and suppliers. STIPRIAUSI LIETUVOJE (Strongest in Lithuania) is a certificate which validates the reliability of our company and we are very proud to have such evaluation.

We are happy and proud to receive the TOP Company 2017 and Gazelle of the year 2017 awards

Published: 2018-04-25

The awards are given to companies which are stable and grow the most throughout the year and we are happy and proud to fit these criteria. We are glad to provide service at such a level that our partners trust and believe in us and allow us to continue to grow.

We are also grateful to all of our staff without whom such achievements would not have been possible.

The construction of Backåkra multi-family residential building begins

Published: 2018-04

Backåkra is a project of two seven-storey buildings housing 44 spacious and modern apartments. The concept of these residential buildings is based on the philosophy of sustainability and environmental friendliness. The Backåkra projects is going to be the first plus-energy multi-family buildings in Sweden, i. e. the building will use less energy than they produce.

The buildings are to be equipped with geothermal heat pumps, wastewater heat recovery system, especially effective ventilation cameras, roofs covered with solar panels, windmills and other innovative architectural and technical decisions. We believe that the technical achievements in this project will make history! Enso is responsible for installing the HVAC, water supply and waste systems.

Pålsøya Park boiler room is finished

Published: 2018-03

Energisentral Pålsøya Park is special due to the well-thought through engineering and technical decisions. The boiler room is designed to meet the heating and hot water needs of the entire finished block.

It is expected to extract the energy from groundwater with the help of artesian wells and underground pumps. Heating energy is to be prepared with the help of 290kW heat pumps, while hot water will be prepared using a 410kW electric boiler, which can also prepare heating energy if the need increases. However, our work is not finished here: there is a plan to set up four 1,5 m³ storage tanks to accumulate energy.

The construction of Algoritmen multi-family residential building begins

Published: 2018-02

Algoritmen is one of those buildings with a fascinating monumental design. This impressive building harmoniously includes a closed-in yard, two-storey parking with commercial space, restaurants and a primary school, while storeys 9–12 include an astounding 178 residential apartments! Nature-friendly technologies: Algoritmen includes a wastewater heat exchanger and a variable air-flow ventilation system.